Rise my friends,
    wake from slumber,
Hear our call,
    find your courage,
See the light,
    hope comes swiftly,
Bright is the dawn.

"Peace," they said,
    "all we want is peace," we said,
    "all we want is peace," they said,
We all want peace.

"Look," said they, "all this land you see,
    we shall have this land."
"Here," said we, "here our fathers died,
    we'll not leave this land."

Feel the ground
    shake and tremble,
Hear our cries
    boldly echo,
On the field,
    tens of thousands
    trading mortal blows,
Thunderous hatred spilling precious blood!

There on the battle field
    men fought for their love and life,
Some fought for wealth and gain
    in plain sight of the LORD their God,
Some fought for their homeland and kin,
    and many were heard to utter the cry:

"Death find you! Death take you!
    from this land, our home,
Death take you! Death keep you!
    fast in the cold silent ground
    on which our fathers lived and all we ever
    loved and cherished, may death take your souls
    from this land we were born to and

Banish them! Banish you!
    now and forever
Banish them! Banish you!
    Darkness will cover your graves forever,
    Darkness on your souls forever more."

Hate was rife, the battle fierce,
    every soul was dressed in blood,
Soon the ground was littered with the heroes of the war,
Loved ones faltered there, never to rise again,
    Death took them, Death kept them, that day
    "Death took us, Death kept us," none were left to–

Dark the night passed,
Bright the dawn comes!

Green were the hills and the fields they were gold,
    and our children our hope and our joy;
Fair was his/her face and so large was his/her heart,
    and his/her smile was the light of my soul;
    of our love, of our home.

We were free and true, free and true were we,
    we were true to both friend and foe.
We were free, we were free and true, we were fair,
    yes true and fair to both friend and foe.

Peace was ours,
    peace has left us,
Free and proud,
    free no longer,
    free no more,
Freedom lost forever, loved ones lost forever,
    where has our future gone?

Turn from the past where our sorrows were born,
    let us face a new day,
For our hope will live in
    all the days of our daughters and
    all the deeds of our sons.

Hear the drummers of hate give their war cry,
    sounding the call to bear arms once again,
No not this time, and no not next time,
    and no more—never!

Have we not learned to be free of our hate
    with the blood of our loved ones?
We'll not spill blood nor give life to your hate,
    no we'll not!

Mark the earth,
    great her splendor,
Hear the wind,
    soft her love song,
Watch the light,
    hope comes dearly,
Dark the night passed, bright the dawn comes,
    hope comes once more;

Live for tomorrow, make peace with the past,
    know the truth of our strength,
For our hope does live in
    all the days of our daughters and
    all the deeds of our sons,

No more wars, no, not!
    no more wars, oh no—not!
Please, for the love of our children,
    no more wars, never again!