K26. di Amore

Sonata in 3 movements for Solo Piano
  1. Allegro assai, B Minor, 16:01, Level 6 - Difficult
  2. Andantino, C Minor, 6:35, Level 5 - Advanced
  3. Allegro appassionato, C Minor, Level 7 - Very Difficult
The 1st and 2nd movements are completed and recordings available below. The 3rd movement is not quite finished. If taken somewhat slower than marked, the 1st and 3rd movements may be performed by the advanced artist.

I will post sheet music soon. The MP3 recordings below may be downloaded for free personal use and shared with friends. (I reserve all copyrights on this music, and any commercial sale or redistribution of this recording or the musical composition, or any recordings based on them, is prohibited without my express written permission and appropriate royalties.)
16:08, 22.6 MB, VBR, ℗ 2017 | photo by Jon Sullivan
6:35, 9.1 MB, VBR, ℗ 2017 | photo by Jon Sullivan