Fatale Audio CD-R

First Piano Concerto, in C Minor

Dark, haunting, foreboding. An expansive and lyrical fantasia, a centerpiece piano concerto for virtuoso artist and symphony orchestra.

This audio CD-R is no longer available, but the MP3 album may still be downloaded using the link in the sidebar. I am in the process of re-recording this concerto. (I reserve all copyrights on this music, and any commercial sale or redistribution of these recordings or the musical compositions, or any recordings based on them, is prohibited without my express written permission and appropriate royalties.)

3 Tracks. Total Playing Time: 41:15
      1.  Fatale - 20:22
      2.  Portrait of an Artist - 9:36
      3.  Ainigma - 11:07

This Demo CD was recorded on Roland Synths and Kurzweil Micropiano
Digital Audio CD-R
Cat. No. 00301-2
Released June 1, 2009
Copyright 2009 © 1987, 1995 Michael Reed Krein