K01a, K01b. Reflections

Variations for String Ensemble, in A Minor or B Flat Minor

For String Ensemble, Large or Small
  • Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Bass
Performance Time: 7 minutes +

Reflections, Variations for String Ensemble, is available in both A minor and B flat minor settings (PDFs below). It may be performed by any size string ensemble from quintet to large orchestra.

Reflections (in A minor) was premiered in a wonderful performance by the Clark High School Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Charles Cushinery, May 20th, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada. An MPEG-4 video of the premiere may be downloaded below.

Both the A minor and B flat minor scores include the bowing graciously provided by violinist and violist Lisa Ratigan and used by CHS. The original setting of Reflections is in B flat minor; the A minor setting was prepared to facilitate performance by advanced high school and comparable ensembles. There is no difference between the two settings other than key signature and one accommodation for range.

All educational and non-profit performances are granted without royalties. For parts and performance, contact me.

Both scores, the MP3 demo recording in B flat minor, and the MP4 video of the CHS premiere in A minor may be downloaded below for free personal use and shared with friends. (I reserve all copyrights on this music, and any commercial sale or redistribution of this recording or the musical composition, or any recordings based on them, is prohibited without my express written permission and appropriate royalties.)
7:02, 10.5 MB, VBR, B flat minor demo, ℗ 2009
10:58, 110.3 MB, 720 x 404, Clark High School Premiere 20 May 2014
Full Score / A minor / 9 x 12 / 10 pp. / 310 KB / © 2013
Full Score / B flat minor / 9 x 12 / 10 pp. / 320 KB / © 2013